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I feel like a lot of different people watch me for a lot of different things. So, what sort of things would you like to see from me?

This isn't a call for requests or anything, but I am curious as to what y'all have to say and the sort of things you like.

Commission status: Currently closed until I catch up on the ones I have. Work has been consuming nearly all my time of late, but now that we've gotten a few projects behind us, I'm hoping to get some of these done. :]
Digital sketch with one color accent.
$10, +$5 for each additional character.

Comm: ROOT BEEYAH by a-iccara Comm: Monstrous by a-iccara Comm: Lady Death by a-iccara


Pencil sketch with color tone.
$15, +$5 for each additional character.

Azura by a-iccara Prodigal by a-iccara


Clean lineart, black and white.
Base price of $25. Final price dependent on amount of detail.

Swordsman by a-iccara Saint Walker _lines by a-iccara


A color design. Comes with a wallpaper version. Can include text.
$40, +$10 for each additional character.

:thumb269857530: Free by a-iccara


Full-bodied and colored piece with a flat/textured background.
$50, +$15 for each additional character.

No Rest for the Wicked by a-iccara Technique by a-iccara Skittles by a-iccara How Fornax Changed My Life by a-iccara


...are not being offered. Yet! Check back sometime.

// How do I commission you?
1. Send me a note telling me what you want as well as your Paypal address. 2. I'll reply and ask for any details I might need then confirm the price. 3. You give the thumbs up and, when I'm ready to get started, I'll send you the money request through Paypal. Once you accept it I get to work! Pretty easy!
If you don't have a deviantart account and can't send me a note, feel free to e-mail me instead at :]

// Do you only accept Paypal?
At the moment, yes.

// So I pay upfront?
Yep! I will not begin work on the commission until I've been paid. (This is because, unfortunately, there are a number of naughty folks out there who try to scam artists into giving them free art. No dice here, friend!) There are also no refunds except in special cases.

// When can I expect it to be finished?
It depends on the type of art you requested and how busy I am. If I have a lot of commissions lined up I only accept payment and begin work on a few at the time.

// What won't you draw?
Porn, gore, and complicated vehicles. I will also not draw subject matter that makes me uncomfortable. I will let you know if something you request falls into that category.
(I can happily draw romance/fluff, fight scenes and things that turn into vehicles (hello robots!))

Final notes:
People who commission lineart, designs or full-colored digitals get to approve a sketch of their piece before I move on to the final version. All clients get hi-res versions of their commissions. If you are requesting OCs, please provide reference!


1. Deezmo - two digital sketches!
2. BrySkye - one full digital!
3. KaineRano - one digital sketch!
4. Alxias (reserved!)
5. HWPD - one digital sketch!
6. Dystatic-Studio (reserved!)
7. Skythe-Soulblade - two full digitals!
8. Sin-Vraal - one full digital!
9. zestymoo - one full digital!
10. Eliotak - two digital sketches!
11. Dachindae - sketch
12. Drachorn (reserved!)


BaAl is a Really Cool Guy by Sludgee Toby by hanaraad You're Completely Ruthless by Tavanaka Zombie Slayers by hanaraad

Mass Effect:

Shepards, Shepherd by hanaraad
Supplicant. by PupsOfWar Look Out, It's That Assassin by Nariko-san Gotta Catch 'Em All by Nariko-san

Mature Content

They're About This Size by NeitiCora
Bleh, Lipstick by hanaraad Space Rush by HyperBali Drell Dance Off by Tavanaka Celestial Vista by hanaraad ME2 - Etarn Tiron by Raptorix Vanguards of Mindoir by HyperBali Thane Quickie for Icca by NeitiCora giftart 05 - femShepThane 2 by rabbitzoro Fish by hanaraad NSAS Secret Santa by abigailmh Get Well Siha by Missi-Moonshine Improbable Situation by MariahGem/ Improbable Situation by hanaraad


: Dansa Med Oss: by Aspide :thumb191860590: :thumb112027513: :thumb112029283:
:thumb42417163: Icca 'Raxotee by dweenyo77 Icca Ish Pretty by Xemos Icca n Leas by Etoli Request Icca by Coeurlregina How Rtas Lost His Towel by Etoli Halo: Icca 'Raxotee by Tavanaka Happy Birthday Atomic Finished by dweenyo77 Belated Birthday Gift by Coeurlregina Choco's birthday gift by Xemos Fan Puppet: Icca by CaptainRaspberry :thumb65977006: :thumb66908494: Gift for Atomic-Chocograph by agoneth Atomic-Choco by Hokucho Crownjo and Icca by Crownjo :thumb73075278: Icca's Eyes by WIchickenman Warrior Priestess - Giftart by Illogical-Lynx :thumb94576739: 'Appy Birthday Chocograph by l-Torrent-l Birthday Leet by CaptainRaspberry Spec Ops Swordsman by soldier9501 :thumb95548171: Linger by AardvarkEcho Gift on the Street by CaptainRaspberry Half-Jaw Pwns Some Nubs by dweenyo77 Half Jaw by synchromesh :thumb42402195: Grunt with Energy Swords by dweenyo77 Ombr by happyelites Arbiter in the MC pose by Blue-Ultimate :thumb63380351: 35,000 pageviews by agoneth Proposal by agoneth GRUNTBALL - Pg 1 by Da--Master :thumb190597515:


:thumb39642782: Request 01 by Kimmy37

goodbye logan // (update)

Thu Dec 21, 2006, 9:59 PM

I hate updating my journal so soon, but there are some things I have to say.
First of all: It honestly means so much to see all these words of sympathy and encouragement. You've all helped me more than you know. :3

I'm dealing with the death better.  I've had my time to grieve.  And despite the loss, I now see some good that has come out of this.  Logan's life, as short as it was, and his death... as sudden as it was... has impacted more people than I thought possible. Throughout this entire ordeal, I've seen the best faces of people emerge. And though there is sadness, there is also inspiration.

It is now my duty to help my brother and his wife through this trying time.  If I grieve now, it's not for Logan, but for them.  After all, the little Chief's already in a better place.

His funeral will be on Christmas Eve. And while it'll be sad, I'll try my best to be happy. :3

So  merry Christmas to everyone!  I hope you all have a great time and get everything you ask for.  There is a chance I'll be getting the 360 after all, though it'll be a triple-jointed effort; and with it, Halo and Halo 2 :3

I do plan on uploading some holiday art as my inspiration slowly comes back... including a piece dedicated to Logan. <3
You can still read part one of my Icca series here:…

And while I'm at it, I'll plug another fiction in progress, though not done by me:…



Logan Alexander passed away at approximately 5:50pm CT, Dec 20th, 2006.

He was my brother's only child and my first nephew.

Logan's cause of death is currently unknown.

He was born a few weeks ago at one pound, five ounces.  He weighed a little over two pounds at his death.

He leaves behind a blue room, a number of blankets, a crib, and some toys.

R.I.P Logan, aka "Master Chief"

I'll miss you.